Translating comics

Have you ever thought that we may hear diffently from language to language? For example, that when two heads butt each other, they make “Dooonk!” in English, but “Gdoup!” in Greek? Do we maybe also kiss differently? The sweet touch of a vivid “Kiss!” in the English comic book, feels like “Smouts!” in the Greek one. Read more

13th International Thessaloniki Book-fair

The Language Project Team is traveling to Thessaloniki and preparing three unique events at the 13th International Thessaloniki Book-fair on the 13th and 14th of May! Translation Slam Der Kampf mit den Worten Gibt es richtige und falsche Übersetzungen? Lässt sich die Persönlichkeit des Übersetzers an seinen Entscheidungen erkennen? Und […] Read more