The Language Project was created in order to highlight an underestimated aspect of language; language as a goal and not as a means, promoting multilingualism, the magic of words, sounds and values of every culture. Aspiring to have an effect on steadfast mindsets and attitudes, we create challenges by setting language as the driving force of establishment of relationships, exposure and extroversion of those who work their entire lives behind words, and of active participation in events based on language being viewed as a cultural, entertaining and co-creative good.


Specifically, we seek to

  • Use translation as a tool for organizing events, workshops and creating innovative methodologies for teaching and learning foreign languages.
  • Denote language as a common basis of entertainment, team work and experiential guided tours with original routes.
  • Innovate by adding to the existing academic bibliography, promoting interdisciplinary studies, translation and creative industries.
  • Achieve collaborations and exchanges, ranging from hyperlocal to international, with individuals and institutions sharing the same objective, presenting language not as a pitfall for communication, but as a challenge to get to know each other better.
  • Provide specialized support, know-how and guidance to young men and women who are interested in pursuing linguistic professions.