The battle for Interpreting Greatness


What is interpreting and how it differs from translation?

What is the mission and the role of  interpreters?

How can interpreters prepare themselves and how is it possible to listen and speak at the same time, without losing the thread?

What should they do in case that the speakers speak too fast or when they to explain unknown aspects of culture or daily life of a language community to the listeners of another community?

The purpose of The Interpreting Slam or, in other words, of the battle between interpreters, is to give answers to these – and much more – questions, bringing the profession to the fore, highlighting its challenges and the difficulties and making it accessible to a wider audience.

Like at Translation Slam, the Interpreting Slam is the meeting of two professional interpreters who are called to confront each other in real time in front of the audience and to interpret simultaneously the same original speech into Greek. The aim of the comparative analysis of the two interpreting approaches and their comparison with the original text was certainly not to pick winners and losers.Instead, the purpose is to provide an open discussion between professional interpreters, who cross swords in defense of their choices, and the audience, who are involved in the process, asking, expressing their thoughts and comments, and finally getting familiar with the demanding world and the challenges of simultaneous interpreting.

At the Interpreting Slam, Anastasios Ioannidis as moderator, will present the professional interpreters  Maria Drosou and Faye Magkouti, who will cross swords in this unknown “battlefield.”

An initiative by The Language Project with the support of City Unity College.

Free Entry

Saturday 21/1, 17:00

City Unity College, 15-17 Thiseos, Syntagma, Athens

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