About us

The Language Project is a nonprofit organization providing help to vulnerable social groups, such as refugees and migrants, by developing and implementing innovative educational programs and cultural events, seminars and workshops focusing mainly on foreign languages, translation, interpretation and cultural mediation. It started as a cultural and educational initiative supported by START – Create Cultural Change and evolved to become the first Greek NGO promoting efficient cross-cultural communication, smooth integration and enhanced employability for everyone, providing as well translation, interpreting and cultural mediation services to the humanitarian field.


The Language Project aspired a society where different languages and cultures will constitute a communication bridge and not a gap, where multilingualism and multiculturalism promote solidarity and consensus and where people have access to their rights without facing any communication obstacles.


The promotion of intercultural communication, the provision of translated material to the right language and the training of third parties aiming positive social impact through our vision.


  • Professional Code of Conduct in favor of a secure ground for intercultural communication
  • Mutual and instant understanding between our beneficiaries/clients who request to communicate with other languages or cultures
  • Acceptance of multilingualism and multiculturalism
  • Respect for the diversity
  • Equal opportunities to those who have access to material not translated in their language
  • Spirit of fairness and solidarity among fellow translators, interpreters, cultural mediators and language professionals
  • Creation of a network of translators and interpreters with a common social polocy, values and principles
  • Framing and definition of the cultural mediator profession
  • Creativity and originality
  • Collaborations on international and national level aiming at the promotion of the social entrepreneurship and the positive social impact

The Team


  • Violetta Tsitsiliani
    Violetta TsitsilianiCo-Founder & Cultural Manager
  • Nikos Katris
    Nikos KatrisCo-Founder & Program Coordinator


  • Sylvia Kouveli
    Sylvia KouveliPhotographer
  • Maria Tetradi
    Maria TetradiSocial Media Manager


The Language Project employs qualified experts with a thorough academic background, professional experience and research activities. Our people behind the events and trainings come from various professional fields, for example translation, education, linguistics, communication, psychology, the arts ect, with refugee/migrant background or not. Common ground is their passion for their vocation and their innovative approach in their field of expertise.