Cultural Mediation Training Program (start date: November 2019)

What is the Cultural Mediation Training Program?

The Language Project in collaboration with SCG – Scientific College of Greece is announcing the beginning of the second cultural mediation training program. This comprehensive program aims at defining the professional role and the education of the Cultural Mediator. Incorporating European best practices and contributions from  professional and academic associations from the fields of translation and interpretation, the educational content leverages the experience gained from real-life practice, and familiarizes learners with the intricacies of relevant national institutional frameworks. The program is accredited by the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP).

Why should I apply?

This program aims to cover the existing gaps in training cultural mediators, by combining general and theoretical education with specialized and practical application, while investing the time necessary for each topic.

Anyone who practices –or wishes to practice– cultural mediation will benefit from this program, as it provides the tools that will shape them into a competent and competitive professional in this very particular occupational field.

On top of offering high quality services, this training program ensures that refugee and migrant population access their rights, facilitates their smoother integration, and enables the users of services (organizations, public and civil services, social and educational institutions) to assist beneficiaries with culturally appropriate services, suitable for their conditions and needs.

Who can participate?


  • Asylum seekers, refugees, first- and second-generation migrants, and bilinguals without any experience in cultural mediation.
  • Professional interpreters and cultural mediators who wish to further their knowledge with a suitable professional training.

Instruction language:  Greek and/or English

Native tongue: The program is open to all speakers of languages used daily in the humanitarian field under the refugee crisis.

Fees: €850 (the amount can be paid in installments)

Length and schedule: 99 hours of mandatory training

  • Three 3-hour classes from Wednesday to Friday (except holidays)
    6 pm – 9 pm. Beginning 20/11/2019 – End 14/2/2020

Language level prerequisite:

Proof of native tongue and foreign language knowledge is required:

  • Greek and/or English language certificate B1 or higher, or high school diploma, or university degree, or any other relevant paper certifying the level.
  • In case you do not possess such a certificate, you will be required to take a language test before enrolling to the program.

Venue: SCG – Scientific College of Greece, Pindarou 14Α and Solonos 16, Kolonaki, 10673, Athens

What will I learn?

The program consists of the following modules:

  • Systemic approach to Cultural Mediation
  • Introduction to interpreting techniques and language skills enhancement
  • Introduction to translation concepts and techniques
  • Introduction to Cultural Mediation and code of conduct.
  • Cultural Mediation in healthcare
  • Court interpreting and legal terminology
  • Interpreting in the asylum-seeking process
  • Mediation in public services and education

How can I apply?

Fill in the application form until 11/11/2019.

*The program will take place only if the required number of participants per class is reached.

*The application does not mean registration to the program. The participants are chosen based on criteria that ensure a homogeneous group (language level, professional experience, desired goal after completing the program, etc.).

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