Comics Translation Workshop: Α practical approach

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What is lettering?
Which is the required know-how?
How can a translator cooperate with an editor and a graphic designer?
Is there a theoretical approach for this procedure?
What are the difficulties in practice?
Can a translated comic have a wide appeal in a foreign country?
Images, words, fonts, implications, humour, slang, everyday language…. These are some of the challenges we aim at facing during the said interactive Comics Translation Workshop. The process of comics translation from A to Z, through examples and live translation of several different comic abstracts by the participants.

The workshop focuses on answering the following questions:
1. How should we present a comics translation proposal to a publishing house?
2. How should we hand in the translation, after it having been assigned to us?
3. What are the translation challenges and difficulties? Presentation of examples and experimentation with the participants, team work on finding the best solution.
4. How should the translator co-operate with the editor and the graphic designer responsible for the lettering? Live lettering and image editing.

The added value of the present workshop is that it not only combines the theoretical approach of the translation process, but it also includes the practical use of the translation techniques. Namely, the workshop aims at:
· Interaction. Live presentation of the comics translation process by the instructors, as well as direct translation and solution deciding by the participants.
· Presentation of the real-world comics translation job market conditions.
· Provision of know-how to the participants, since our instructors are academics and professionals
· Exploration of the whole comics translation process, from the first contact with the publishing house, to the final stage of publishing the translated comic. Participants will have the opportunity to experience and get in touch with all the stages of the process, through examples and live production of comics translation as well as image editing.

Who can apply?
Young men and women with different backgrounds, with good command of English and Greek, who love comics and want to learn about translation and lettering.

How can I apply?
Send your motivation letter explaining why you want to join the workshop (100 words max.), naming the level and kind of previous studies, your level of English/Greek and your contact details by completing the special form until 6/5 HERE.

What will I gain?
– Certificate of attendance
– Bibliography
– Individual profile in the partner-pool of The Language Project official website

More Info:
Instructors: Danai Tachtara, Zoi Resta | Bring with you: Laptop (OS Windows) | Date: 19/5, 9:00 am | Place: Department of Audiovisual Arts, Ionian University, Corfu | Application Deadline: 6/5|Duration: 3 hours | Language of workshop: Greek | Fee: None

The workshop is organised in co-operation with the Ionian University, Greece (AVARTS & DFLTI), the 10th Audiovisual Arts Festival and the University of Malaga, Spain.

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