Introduction to German through translation: Do you accept the challenge?

Cooperative Translation Workshop

Have you got a passion for languages? Learn a new one, from scratch, in a whole different and unexpected way. In this Cooperative Translation Workshop we translate into Greek the illustrated stories of Wilhelm Busch. Images and words introduce us to a great German writer, unknown to the general public in Greece, showing the power of translation in foreign language teaching and learning. Cultural differences, special language characteristics, the correlation of the uniqueness of the mother tongue and the challenge of a foreign language, multimodality and teamwork combined in a challenging and entertaining way in order to explore language.

Being a beginner is not an obstacle. It is a prerequisite to experience the challenge.

The Cooperative Translation Workshop is based on cooperative translation activities, focusing on both

  • promoting innovative approaches in language education, and
  • making students realize what a powerful, useful and imaginative tool language can be.

Taking into consideration the interaction of the two goal-points above, the workshop is organized in such a way so that translation emerges as an interactive, challenging and entertaining process, reassessing the view that translation is an obsolete method in foreign language learning and teaching and that it is a solitary process. The point is not to use translation activities as a unique or the only method in the classroom, but to additionally use such activities in order to

  • raise language awareness,
  • show a thorough understanding of the linguistic and cultural characteristics, and
  • promote a successful facilitation of learning in groups.

As a result, the participants in such a workshop become equipped with more skills, which are obvious in every translation process. Translation is proposed not as a language teaching method but as a recreational activity which can lead students, even beginners or those who have not already achieved a level in a second language, to deeply comprehend both the restrictions and similarities between two languages and cultures, to find new ways of approaching the language and to gain knowledge using their mother tongue, in which they usually feel more secure and confident. As a result, such a workshop can offer an improvement in mother tongue as well. The combination of learning a foreign language and improving the mother tongue at the same time highlights the framework in which language lessons should be organized. Students are offered the opportunity to “read between the lines”, are taught to deal with metaphorical or idiomatic language and are urged to discover and overcome the interlanguage difficulties or cultural boundaries. Get involved, expand your knowledge and have fun!

Who can apply?

Young men and women whose mother tongue is Greek and have no previous knowledge in German, who are interested in being presented both an introduction to translation process and the German language, and want to see an interactive and innovative method of learning a foreign language.

How can you apply?

Send a motivation letter explaining why you want to take part in the workshop (max. 250 words). Add your personal background concerning languages and contact details to Our experts will choose the 12 participants eager to work with us!

What will I gain?

  • Certificate of attendance
  • Sample of your teamwork in The Language Project official website
  • Individual profile in the partner-pool of The Language Project
  • Networking with professionals
  • Workshop’s material


More info:

Venue: Goethe-Institut Athen

Date & Time: 23/4/2016, 11:00 -14:00

Duration: ≈3 hours

Application deadline: till 14/4/2016

Language of the workshop: Greek

Group setting: four groups of three

Instructor: Maria Filippou

The workshop is free of charge. You don’t have to bring anything. The library of the Goethe-Institut Athen, apart from the hospitality, provides us with all necessary equipment and tools.

The Language Project Team

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