“The Image and Sound of Multilingualism” by The Language Project

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Watch 15 people express themselves in their mother tongue or in a language they love. They share their linguistic experiences, emotions and aspirations in a short video that aims to promote multilingualism and to capture the feelings behind unfamiliar sounds.  During an amusing two-day shooting set, we brought together students, bilinguals, translators and interpreters, future tour guided and… chefs!
This participatory video aspires to activate people to become more open to anything different, not to be ashamed to speak despite making mistakes, and to dare to learn something new, such as a foreign language. Apart from the sounds and words of the new language, you can also be introduced to the culture and the people behind it.

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Photography/Filming: Sylvia Kouveli

Editing: Ira Drakou

Sound Design: Michalis Papantonopoulos

Subtitles: Haroula Tsoutsia

Production: Violetta Tsitsiliani

Michael Tsoutsias/Translator – Spanish (Argentina)
Fourough Taheri/Interpreter – Farsi
Stefanos Gerontoukos/Interpreter – Arabic
Linda Feng/Interpreter – Greek, Chinese
Matiullah Ibrahimi/Interpreter – Urdu
Haroula Tsoutsia/Translator – Spanish (Spain)
Marianthi Palamari – French
Nikos Tsitsilianis – Greek, English
Andromachi Ioannou – French
Maria Logotheti – Greek Sign Language
Eirini Legaki – Swedish
Giorgos Kyriakos – Russian
Melita  Komninou – English
Thanasis and Dimitra – Greek, German

We would like to thank Elena Spyropoulou, Leonidas Sarantopoulos, Maria Tetradi, Nikos Karouzos, Mpampis Nikas and Angelos Theocharis for their help and support.

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